These General Terms and Conditions of Contract govern the legal relationship between Customer and Buses 24 Europe Ltd and are an integral component of your group Agreement with the bus charter company.

1. Subject of the Agreement

Buses 24 Europe Ltd undertakes to render the desired service in accordance with the publicized offer and / or order confirmation. The Customer will bear any additional costs that may result from any supplementary services.

2. Booking

Customer may make a booking a service (rent a bus or guide service or other) in writing via e-mail only. The contract between Customer and Buses 24 Europe Ltd will come about with Customer service order, i.e. through acceptance of the offer.

3. Price

Any quoted price includes the applicable road tolls. All prices are in euro and included VAT.

Any additional expense (parking fees, visas, ferries, city entry fees, tour guides, extra kilometers, accommodation and meals for driver) shall be paid in advance.

4. Payment

All package bookings are subject to in advance payment of 100% of the base service no later than 21 days prior to departure. We accept payment via bank transfer only.

If the down-payment on the quoted priced is not received, Buses 24 Europe Ltd shall reserve the right to terminate the contract even on short notice.

5. Performance

The extent of services rendered is specified in the Hire Contract. If a given coach is unavailable, Buses 24 Europe Ltd reserves the right to provide another coach in its stead, or to order a coach from another company, respectively.

6. Working and rest time regulation for driver / gratuities

We comply with the applicable working time regulations for drivers of passenger vehicles in the interests of your safety. If the working time regulations cannot be observed we will deploy a second or substitute driver. The transport rules which allows a 9 hours maximum driving time per day, and a 4,5 hours continuous driving time, necessarily followed by a 45 minutes break; a 12 hours’ work amplitude and a daily rest of 11 hours.

6.1. Driver's expenses

The expenses for the driver's meals and accommodation (single room with shower/WC) must be pay by the Customer. Buses 24 Europe Ltd will charge following rates: meal for driver: 20,00 euro per day, accommodation: 75,00 euro per night.

6.2. Night supplements

Buses 24 Europe Ltd will charge 40,00 euro per hour for night-time work from 21:00 until the coach is discharged (unless indicated otherwise in the quotation / order confirmation).

6.3. Overtime

If the driver works longer than the period mentioned in the order confirmation we will charge overtime of 60,00 euro per hour.

6.4. Gratuities

Gratuities are a component of the driver's remuneration. You are free to show your thanks for the attentive assistance of drivers. Usually it is 2,00 euro per day from person.

7. Luggage

The coaches come with sufficient stowage for one piece of luggage (e.g. a suitcase) per one passenger. Additional boxes, skis, tents, surf boards may only be taken aboard upon previous arrangement with Buses 24 Europe Ltd. Ski containers, luggage and bicycle trailers can be hired from us upon request. Buses 24 Europe Ltd shall not be held liable for lost or stolen luggage.

A normal amount of baggage and – by agreement – other things will also be carried.

8. Damage to coach / cleaning

The party making the booking shall be liable for damages caused by the things brought with the party making the booking or his passengers if such damage is attributable to circumstances attributable to him or to his passengers.

In all cars is not allowed to smoke, drink alcohols or eat. On request, the driver can make a stop for a smoke break.

Buses 24 Europe Ltd will invoice the appropriate costs for cleaning any substantial mess caused by passengers to the interior of the coach. Minimum cost is 250,00 euro.

The full repair amount plus an administrative fee of 4.000,00 euro will be invoiced for any willful damage caused to the coach.

9. Cancelation terms

Complete cancellation of your contract must be submitted in writing (letter or email) only. All documents already received must be included. The cancellation of your contract will only be legally valid when all the above-mentioned documents have been received. Any additional charges made by third parties will be charged on to the Customer.

Definitive for a cancellation is the receipt of a written cancellation notice. By way of compensation, Buses 24 Europe Ltd shall charge the following cancellation fees. Any additional charges made by third parties will be charged on to the Customer:

- no charge up to 21 days prior to departure

- 50% up to 7 workdays prior to departure

- 75 % (minimum € 200.00) if trip is cancelled less than 4 work days prior to departure

- 100 % if trip is cancelled 12 hours or less prior to departure of the bus with the percentage referring to the hire price, and excluding possible other damage claims raised on account of services already rendered (e.g. ferry reservations, reservation of accommodations, bicycle trailers, etc.).

10. Liability

As part of its duty to exercise due diligence as a prudent businessman, the bus company is liable for transporting the passengers properly.

The bus company shall not be liable for disruptions in performance caused by force majeure as well as performance being made significantly more difficult, jeopardized or impaired significantly either as a result of force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances such as for example, war or a quasi war, hostilities, uprising or civil war, arrest, confiscation or prevention by state organizations or other persons, road blocks, quarantine measures, as well as strikes, lock-outs or walk-outs for which the bus company is not to blame.

The arrangements for returning passengers to the point of departure shall not be affected.

11. Conduct of the party making the booking and the passengers

The party making the booking shall be responsible for the conduct of his passengers while they are being transported. The instructions of the staff on the bus are to be followed.

Passengers who do not obey the justified instructions of the staff in spite of being warned, may be removed from the bus if their refusal to comply with instructions results in a threat to the security or safety of the bus and its passengers or if it would be unreasonable to expect the bus company to continue to allow such persons to stay on the bus. In such cases the party making the booking shall not have any right of recourse against the bus company.

In the first instance complaints are to be made to the staff on the bus and if they are unable to be of assistance, to the bus company.

When rectifying disruptions to performance, the party making the order is obliged be of assistance within the scope of what is reasonable in order to avoid any damages which may be caused or to keep them as low as possible.